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The idea of Con-Tees Custom Printing began when founder Joseph Conti, first purchased a do it yourself screen printing kit from a local arts supply store. Joe quickly developed an understanding of screen-printing, and started working on custom shirts in the basement of his father's tailor shop in the Bronx. His younger brother Mike started growing an interest in screen-printing as well an in 1983, the brothers finally saved up    enough money to move from their father's basement and into their own shop.

Their first shop was located In the back of a small dry cleaner on Drake Ave. in New Rochelle NY.

Their first really big order was from the well known black and white sitcom, “The Honeymooners”. Joe and Mike worked day in and day out to fulfill the order, and they did so on time. The thing about this order was that it was done manually. The brothers put in time, patience, and care and the results spoke for themselves. Business was gradually starting to take off. Joe and Mike went ahead and bought the business a 4 color automatic screen printing machine which allowed the business to work more efficiently, but without losing their personal touch.

From 1983 to 1986, the Conti brothers worked in the small store until relocating to Main Street in New Rochelle . They were able to employ a friend or two, but it was still mainly the brothers working around the clock to fulfill their customer’s needs. With the growing demand for more complex art work, Joe decided to sell his 4 color screen printer, and buying an 8 color automatic from M & R Screen-printing ( purchase of this machinery enabled the company to grow and produce a higher quality of work.

The brothers made their final move to Union Ave. in Mount Vernon in 1991 which is where they remain today. They were printing shirts and memorabilia for Howdy Doody, Felix the Cat, Terminator 2, Star Trek, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Original Soup man, The Lion King, the MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA and much much more. With the higher demand for their work, they were able to employ more workers which in turn made business boom. Con-Tees currently employees over 30 works, who live locally. Even though they were far from their humble beginnings, the brotherly duo still maintained their sense of quality, service, and value to their loyal customers.

Family values

          Along the growth of Con-Tees, the brothers never lost their family values. Along with Mike and Joe Conti, it's Joe’s wife Teresa who is in the Customer Service Department, Joe’s daughter Christina in the T-shirt Department, and Joe’s son Joey Jr. in the Sign Department. The Matriarch of the Conti’s, Lena, even greets customers upon entrance. Along with the immediate family are the employees of Con-Tees. Joe and Mike treat their employees like they are in fact family. Birthdays and Holidays are celebrated at the shop for there employees.

Internship program

As of 2010, Con-Tees incorporated an internship program with LIM, and FIT College in which students get a full semester worth of work experience in the production of the apparel industry.  The program helps familiarize students with the fashion/garment industry, as well as graphic design.

Go-green effort

In 2007 the company decided it was time to decrease their carbon foot print, and switch to solar energy. Mercury Solar System ( was the company that we trusted to help make this transition. Con-Tees is the first and only screen-printing company in Westchester County to utilize the solar energy.


At Con-tees we believe in giving back to the community. We have donated clothing and funds to Volunteers of America, USO, Kawinis Club, Salvation Army and many other local organizations. Along with these donations the brothers also donate their time. Joe Conti personally volunteers for the Midnight Run and Mike Conti takes time out every Thursday to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House.

The “ConTees” way


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We are members of the Screen-printing & Graphic Imaging Association International as well as the Embroidery Trade Association and the Apparel Graphics Institute.




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